Obamacare Architect: Abortion’s a ‘Social Good’ That Gets Rid of ‘Marginal Children’

Breitbart has uncovered another scandalous Obamacare fact. The deceitful Architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, believes in aborting “marginal children.” In a paper titled, ABORTION LEGALIZATION AND CHILD LIVING, Gruber claims abortion is a “social good” in that it reduces the number of “marginal children.”

When he says that, he means the urban poor whom he believes will only commit crimes and collect welfare if they are allowed to be born.

The protest riots in Ferguson and New York City should be directed at leftists like Gruber who want to abort minority children in a wholesale act of genocide.

Gruber co-authored the paper in the 1990’s. In it he writes about the $14 billion in welfare benefit savings and the lowered crime rates that will result when the babies are not born in poor neighborhoods, because that’s what it is all about for the liberal.

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