Obama to Delay Immigration Reform by Executive Order Until After Mid-Term Election

Obama is set to delay any executive actions regarding “immigration reform” until after the midterm elections to “save” his unpopular immigration boosting stance from an American voter backlash that could affect Democrat’s chance at election.

According to White House Spokesman Josh Earnest, “By injecting [the immigration issue] into the highly charged political debate six or eight weeks before the midterm elections is to subject this issue to gross distortion and partisanship. And we don’t want to do that.”

How Josh Earnest can say this with a straight face is amazing. Despite the claims of Earnest, this issue is already at the forefront of issues pertinent in the midterm campaigns. Obama is already planning to unilaterally change the immigration law via executive fiat even stating so earlier this summer. His actions will supposedly make illegal aliens eligible for work permits, increase the number of foreign guest workers in the US annually, and may include some form of amnesty for illegals residing in the country, along with those arriving daily. It is the open door “welcome” sign Obama gave to Central American countries that has led to the invasion Americans witness daily on the southern border.

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