Obama Tells America that Going After Our Guns is the ‘One Thing’ He Still Wants to Do!

Barack Hussein Obama has been relentless since he has been in office about trying to push more gun control laws, which are attacks on the Second Amendment. After every mass shooting that has occurred in America, he has come out to advance what is ultimately a gun confiscation agenda. It happened in October after the Umpqua Community College Shooting, which occurred in a gun free zone (where 92% of mass shootings occur). Now, Obama is cited in a Democrat Party email that went out over the weekend as saying that the one thing he has been unable to attack successfully has been the Second Amendment, but it’s “one thing” he still wants to do.

While I grant he doesn’t use the words “going after guns” or “attack the Second Amendment,” his actions are exactly that, since Congress has not been given authority to legislate on arms. Also, since Congress is the only body given legislative power, that means the federal courts don’t have that authority and neither does the Executive Branch.

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