Obama Surgeon General Says Banning Guns Part of Medicine

Following yesterday’s late afternoon announcement that outgoing Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski would back Barack Obama’s nuclear Iran deal, a wave of liberal headlines this morning proclaimed that the president had put in place the last piece of his legacy. Whether Obama and his supporters have anything to cheer about down the road when the history of his presidency is written remains to be seen.

But the success of the Obama years or lack thereof won’t be reckoned exclusively on the basis of the Iran deal, the fate of Obamacare, or any other single accomplishment. Rather, it will be on the aggregate strength — or weakness — of a host of policy decisions he made during his two terms and his peculiar brand of governance. In this regard, Obama will be seen as one of the most radical and possibly the most radical president in nation’s history. And this on the basis of his appointments alone.

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