Obama Suggests Ferguson Shooting is the Same As Terrorists Cutting Off Heads

What others refer to as the Obama apology tour, Charles Krauthammer calls the confession tour of 2009, in which Hussein Obama depicted the United States as the culprit to blame for much of the world’s ills. Today’s UN speech by the America Hater-in-Chief, Hussein Obama, contained language of a similar tone, which equated the still unresolved and still under investigation police shooting of a criminal in Ferguson, MO, with the public beheadings carried out by the terrorists of ISIS.

Charles Krauthammer finds that deplorable, but there are other problems with the “president’s” speech as well. In addition to bad-mouthing what he pretends is his own country, Obama also gave an implicit green light to Iran on their nuclear program.

Mr. Krauthammer has a few choice words regarding that as well.

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