Obama Removes Iran and Hezbollah From Terror List; Crickets from Congress

As I write this, I have no idea what Israel’s election results will be — but I do know my desired result. There is much evidence that the Obama administration had worked to secure a defeat for Prime Minister Netanyahu — of course the progressive socialists will deny and dismiss it as they always do.

However, there is another critical indicator that President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry wish to have an accommodating left-leaning person in Israel to enable their policy scheme.

Front Page Magazine reports, “You know the country responsible for killing hundreds of Marines, which provided sanctuary to al-Qaida and whose terrorist proxies helped give al-Qaida the skills to carry out 9/11? They’re no longer terrorists. Sure their terrorist groups currently control parts of Lebanon and Yemen, but they’re not terrorists. Because if Iran was a state sponsor of terror, then Obama letting them have the bomb might look bad. This way it’s fine.”

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