Obama is Threatening our National Defense

Many people are aware, and still many aren’t, that under Barack Hussein Obama, America saw its first National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that defied the Fifth Amendment and allowed for the indefinite detention of people on US soil without due process of law. The backlash from that was that several cities, counties and states fashioned their own nullification laws against the NDAA’s indefinite provision. Recently, the House of Representatives passed the 2016 NDAA, and once again, not only did they fail to provide language that would stop indefinite detention, but Barack Obama has threatened to veto it, which will effectively stop the funding of our national defense, but not for that reason.

By a vote of 270-156, the House passed the bill and the Senate is expected to take a look at it this week.

The Hill reports:

President Obama has issued a veto threat against the bill, which senior administration officials warn he will follow through on. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Wednesday he has already recommended that the president veto it.

The White House and Democrats oppose the bill because it would authorize spending levels in accordance with a Republican plan to boost defense spending, but leave federal spending caps in place on nondefense spending.

The bill would authorize $612 billion for the Defense Department — the same amount the White House has requested — but it would leave budget caps, known as sequester, in place and funnel $38 billion through a war fund not subject to the caps.

The White House wants Congress to lift the caps on both defense and nondefense spending, and instead put the $38 billion into the Pentagon’s base budget. 

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