Obama Is Pleased: MAJOR Holiday BANNED To Avoid Offending Muslims

As our nation continues to accommodate more intolerant and uncompromising Muslims by the day, it seems that Americans are feeling the impact. In fact, one major American holiday was just banned in order to avoid offending Muslims – and king Obama is pleased.

Too often do we see this these days – American rights being infringed upon to accommodate the religion of Islam. The most recent of these instances comes out of Milford, Connecticut, as parents received a letter from their children’s school district saying that they will not be celebrating Halloween this year.

More specifically, the school states that things like the Halloween parade, decorations, and costumes all made the no-no list, as well as Halloween themed parties and giving out food – which was explicitly described as “not an option.” As if that wasn’t enough to outrage parents and children alike, the reason behind it only made it worse.

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