Obama: Gun Control Executive Orders ‘Entirely Consistent’ With Constitution. Here’s Why That’s A LIE

The Constitution is an imperfect document that has required revision from time to time. Our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, understood that our world was likely to change and would require amendments to the document that serves as the codified law that emphasized the need for a restraint of government.

Though the document has changed over time and will likely change some more before this author moves to the other side of the grass, it remains remarkably clear on some key areas of liberty.

The First Articles of the Constitution are outlines for the three branches of government and their respective powers. The Legislative Branch creates laws, the Judicial Branch interprets them and ensures constitutional compatibility and the Executive, as the name suggests, executes the will of the law-making body and the Judicial Branch (in addition to serving as the Head of State on the international stage.)

This magnificent setup was not an accident; the Founders intended a system of checks and balances.

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