Obama Frees 5 Taliban Terrorists in Exchange for a Taliban Sympathizer

If Hussein Obama just wanted to grandstand for the military in an effort to try to shore up his tattered public image in the wake of the Veterans Administration debacle, there were easier ways to do it.

One obvious way would have been to go due south three miles across our border and retrieve an American hero, SGT Andrew Tahmooressi from the lowlife Mexican thugs who are holding and abusing him.

Tahmooressi’s “crime” appears to be nothing more than making an accidental wrong turn with legal weapons which he advised them he had and for which he was taken prisoner by a recognized, although corrupt, government.

The Mexicans should have been more than willing to accommodate Obama if he would have only made the request. After all, we support a large portion of their population and he’s working to make their entire country American citizens or at a minimum, American dependents.

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