Obama Forcing Public School for Illegal Immigrants… and You’re Footing the Bill!

Obama’s unconstitutional Department of Education has now put forth a call to schools across America and are pushing for them to acquire as many illegal aliens as possible and declare them to be students. What’s even more unlawful than indoctrinating illegal aliens at taxpayer expense? The DOE is claiming that it is part of law to do so.

A new 56-page resource guide titled Supporting Undocumented Youth
states, “The Department hopes that educators, schools, and campuses will, as they see fit, draw upon the tips and examples in this Guide to better support undocumented youth and, ultimately, move us closer to the promise of college and career readiness for all.”

Noticeably missing is any reference to actual immigration law, but then when you are already an unconstitutional agency, what does that matter, right?

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