Obama DOJ to Fast Track $3.2 Million in Tax Dollars to Each Charleston Victim’s Family

The Obama Department of (In) Justice is set to fast-track payments of $29 million dollars in taxpayer money to each of the families of victims of the shooting that occurred at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. That’s $3.2 million to each family!

Reuters reported that a portion of those dollars was allocated under the government’s National Crime Victim Assistance Formula Grant program.

Now, before we get into the unconstitutionality and basic theft, resulting in a redistribution of wealth, consider that Clementa Pinckney was not only the pastor of the church, but also a Democrat Party operative (an obvious reason for his congregants not being allowed to be armed) and political leader in South Carolina. So, there is no doubt in my mind that his family is more than likely well off financially. The other victims’ families may not be so fortunate.

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