Obama Defends Islam – Other World Leaders Not so Naive

President Obama had the unique opportunity last week to chair the United Nations Leaders Summit on Countering ISIL and Violent Extremism. It was during this discussion between world leaders that Obama attempted to defend Islam by feebly stating that:

“Violent extremism is not unique to any one faith, so no one should ever be profiled or targeted simply because of their faith,” President Obama said.

While everyone at the table (and likely in the world) agreed with the basic sentiment, they also seemed surprised at the stunning amount of naiveté that the President of the USA (and the supposed leader of the Free World) was expressing. While no one believes that every Muslims is a terrorist, or that you have to be Muslim to be a terrorist… the VAST MAJORITY of terrorist attacks in the world today are carried out by MUSLIM Terrorists! Every leader at that table (apparently except for Obama) knows this, and almost everyone who is paying attention knows this.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, attempted to (politely) explain to Obama that he was being incredibly naïve.

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