Obama Constructs WH Border Wall as He Continues to Ignore US Southern Border

The southern border of the US remains unsecured and illegal aliens invade our nation daily. Only certain portions of our southern border have a fence to deter invasion even after the 1986 promise to secure the border and never bring up amnesty again. Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, claim that a fence will do nothing to stop the “illegal immigrants” from crossing the border so basically slough off that suggestion. Their continued reasoning is “fences don’t work.” However, there is a fence around the White House to deter “invaders” from crossing along with hidden security and snipers that would deal with any intruders.

That fence around the White House has worked to keep out intruders, even though there have been a few instances of individuals clamoring over that fence to enter the grounds of the People’s House. In the most recent incident, an individual actually made it to the White House. It seems that the number of these authorized visitors are increasing, according to a report by the Daily Caller. In response to this violation of the White House “border,” our glorious dictator has taken swift action to keep out unwanted guests and visitors – he has “authorized” the construction of a wall around the White House to “secure the White House borders.” The new “wall” will not be as tall as the official perimeter fence but will span the entire border of the White House.

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