Obama Allows Illegal Aliens Onto ‘Closed’ National Mall So That They Can Demand Amnesty

The Nazi National Park Service has systematically barred frail, aged veterans from their war memorials; closed off vista points on open roads lest anyone actually look at Mt. Rushmore; shut down privately-owned businesses; barred military prayer and mass; and evicted elderly people from their homes. Nevertheless, it has finally discovered a group that deserves constitutional protection from government Stasi tactics: illegal aliens.

“You can’t look at that!” Park Service blocks off vista points from which people could see Mt. Rushmore

The same Nazi National Park Service that has gone gestapo on America decided that a pro-amnesty rally was such an important expression of free speech that it had to open the previously “closed” open-air, untended National Mall to allow illegal aliens their right to constitutional free speech. It’s worth noting here that the KKK’s free speech rights were ignored when the Nazi National Park Service closed Gettysburg and used that as an excuse to bar the KKK’s planned rally. We hold no brief for the KKK, because we find its racism and Nazi worship disgusting and un-American. Nevertheless, we can’t help noticing that the Nazi Park Service is unconstitutionally arbitrary and capricious in its approach to its role as caretaker over the American people’s property.

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