Obama Admin. Hosts “Healthy Ho’s Party” For Prostitutes

Remember when Republicans argued against Obamacare because it requires each person to pay for other people’s lifestyle choices?
This is why.

Given the fact that a grand total of six, that’s right six, people in the entire country signed up for Obamacare on day one, it seems no one really wants this healthcare debacle. No one except hookers, that is.

CNN Money reported today that one sex worker in the Bay Area is going to great lengths to sign up her fellow prostitutes for Obamacare. “Siouxsie Q,” she calls herself, even held a registration drive last week that included a burlesque strip tease resulting in two prostitutes topless. The event was titled, “Healthy Ho’s,” and the sex workers’ dance was meant to represent the “cat and mouse game” of the US healthcare policy (what that actually means is a mystery to us).

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