No Women Pass Marine Officer Test; USMC Ordered to Lower Standards

General Martin Dempsey, shill for Barack Obama, is ordering the standards be dropped so that women can pass the test to become Marine infantry officers. I assume if they don’t meet the new lower standard it will again be lowered. This can prove disastrous, after all, that’s how Obama got elected. They lowered the standard to the point it could walk below a pregnant cockroach without even stooping. In all 29 women failed to pass the rigorous standards required for combat officers. Only four women were able to pass the first day’s test.

Two years ago Obama’s ventriloquist dummy Dempsey laid down an edict that if women failed tests, officers better have a very good reason for not lowering standards to help them pass. That sounds more like a threat than an order and any officer looking forward to collecting a pension better walk carefully. It reminds me that years ago when I lived in the New York City metro area, they did the same thing for firefighters.

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