New York Lost HUNDREDS-OF-MILLIONS Of Dollars By Raising Taxes

A simple semester in an economics class at any community college would yield tremendous results for lawmakers. If each and every lawmaker were able to grasp a relatively-simple economic concept, much of America’s fiscal disasters could be avoided.

This concept is: economic policies have consequences.

Sure, it sounds simple enough, but too-many liberal lawmakers appear unable to grasp this concept. Take Obamacare, as an example. By forcing the young and healthy to purchase high-premium plans to offset the costs of the infirm, fewer people will purchase healthcare insurance. If fewer people purchase healthcare insurance, healthcare insurance providers will be driven-out of the marketplace. If there are less options, prices will increase and even fewer people will purchase healthcare insurance and the cyclical problem only worsens until the market collapses.

See what I’m saying about consequences? Policymaking demands that lawmakers consider the long-term consequences of their decisions and, sadly, in today’s world, formulating a policy that sounds nice is more important than creating sustainable economic policies conducive to commonsense.

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