New York Cops Won’t Enforce New Strict Gun Control Law

Even though a federal judge in New York State has upheld many of the provisions of one of the nation’s toughest gun control laws, the measure might not be enforced.

Politicians and experts in the state say that a large percentage of law enforcement officers will not enforce what is known as the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act. It bans so-called assault rifles, and requires those who possess them to register them with the state by April 15.

“The rank and file troopers don’t want anything to do with it,” State Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R-Pittsford) said. “I don’t know of a single sheriff upstate who is going to enforce it.

“If you don’t have the troopers and you don’t have the sheriffs, who have you got? You’ve got [Gov.] Andrew Cuomo pounding on the table in Albany,” Nojay noted in The Troy Record. Cuomo signed the law.

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