New Evolution Theory Claims to Prove God Doesn’t Exist

I thought evolutionists already proved that God doesn’t exist? At least that’s what they’ve been telling everybody. How many times have we read that Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion finally put belief in God in the grave?

Let’s not forget Christopher Hitchens, Daniel C. Dennett, and Sam Harris. Their books are viewed by many as an atheist version of the New Testament’s four gospels. That’s because books on atheism are religious not scientific. They are more philosophy than biology.

So with all their bluster about there is no God, they have not come up with a compelling narrative. Why should evolved brains trust what these four evolved brains say about anything? How does anybody know if an evolved brain is thinking properly? Actually, when it comes to evolution, we know that the brains of evolutionists aren’t thinking properly since the first premise of science is something can’t come from nothing, and the second premise is not far behind that life cannot come from non-life, and yet these are the two items they’ve built their atheism on.

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