Netanyahu’s Party Gaining Support Despite Obama’s Effort to Defeat

Apparently, President Barack Obama is not content to simply lose elections in one country. He’s therefore expanded his efforts to Israel — and doing about as well as you’d expect after the November midterms.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud party to which he belongs have taken a strong lead in polling leading up to the March 17 election for control of Israel’s 120-seat Knesset.

Likud is now beating out its closest rival by four seats, according to a Jerusalem Post/Maariv Sof Hashavua poll.

Of the six most recent polls, Likud is leading in four, is tied with Zionist Union party in another, and is behind Zionist Union by one seat in the sixth.

Moreover, respondents who told pollsters that they want to see Netanyahu retain his role as prime minister outnumbered those who said they would prefer to see him replaced.

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