Netanyahu Issued a July 4th Message About America You’d NEVER Hear From Obama

As America prepares to celebrate Independence Day, so too does one of our closest allies, Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended a celebratory reception at the Tel Aviv home of the U.S. ambassador to Israel, where he spoke about the similarities shared in the biblical foundation of both Israel and the United States.

“This is a great day because on the Fourth of July, all Israelis unite with our American brothers and sisters. It’s our celebration too. That’s because the history of our two countries is remarkably intertwined,” Netanyahu proclaimed.

“The Founding Fathers of America were inspired by the Bible, and specifically by the Book of the Exodus, by the dream of building freedom in a new promised land. And as you stand in the chamber of the American Congress, you see right across you the image of one man — Moses, with a quote from the Bible,” he said.

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