Nazi Survivor’s Warning to America: ‘Keep Your Guns & Buy More’

We may well have mentioned about Katie Worthman before but either way – this is something that all need to see and take on board.

Here is an Austrian born lady who survived the Hitler period and has given talks about her experiences, and includes warnings.

A close corollary is to be found within our book offer “Gun Control in the Third Reich“.

The thrust of her experiences is that everything she observed began slowly and seemingly for understandable reasons initially, and yet, over time the noose was tightened until the removal of freedoms became absolute.

We might call this “control by stealth – or the ‘drip-drip-drip’ approach of incrementalism. The message and warning given is one not to be ignored as we see uncomfortable parallels — the lady speaks in a short video clip which it is believed is part of a much longer speech.

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