National Taxpayer’s Union Reveals Shocking Cost of Obama’s SOTU Programs

President Obama’s “tone-setting” State of the Union (SOTU) Address was intended to hit both sharp and conciliatory chords, but the notes the President struck in between would increase spending by $40.967 billion per year, and none of his proposals would decrease spending. That’s the conclusion of National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s (NTUF’s) 15th line-by-line cost analysis of the President’s speech.

“If the country is looking for a message in this year’s SOTU, it’s ‘more of the same’, as President Obama’s wish list would rack up a $41 billion total with no reductions in outlays,” said NTUF Director of Research Demian Brady. “The cost of the 2015 Address was near Obama’s average, though the President discussed some unquantifiable items taxpayers will want to note as potentially quite costly, and many of the ‘tax cuts’ he proposed are actually new spending increases.”

In advance of the speech, the White House laid out a plan to increase taxes by $320 billion over the next ten years and to carve out “middle class tax cuts” totaling $175 billion. However, a number of these tax cut proposals are “refundable” and are available to filers above and beyond any income taxes they may owe.

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