NAACP To Give ‘Racist’ Democrat Lifetime Achievement Award

The owner of the NBA team L.A. Clippers had recently been caught making some highly controversial and racially charged remarks to his girlfriend that sent the nation into a name-calling frenzy. Well now it has been revealed that the NAACP is scheduled to give the staunch Democrat supporter their Lifetime Achievement Award.

This isn’t the first time that racism has been an issue with Donald T. Sterling, however. He was sued by a 22-year employee who was also a basketball star named Elgin Baylor in 2009. It was thrown out of court, however Sterling did have to settle in a housing discrimination lawsuit after that.

With these latest allegations, it’s hard to believe that the NAACP had already awarded Sterling with their Lifetime Achievement Award back in 2009 and a President’s Award in 2008.

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