Muslims Torture, Crucify and Behead Christian Missionaries in Syria

In August a group of more than a dozen of our Christian brothers and sisters was captured near the city of Aleppo in Syria. 11 of the captured were indigenous Christian workers who had converted from Islam to Christianity and were now leading the efforts to minister in their homeland. When the war zone encroached on their homes and in the area that they were ministering, their ministry director tells Charisma News that he begged them to flee for safer regions, but the workers chose to stay and provide aid and comfort, in the name of Jesus, for those who could not leave.

They decided to stay because they believed that God had placed them in their situation and that they had a duty to share His Gospel with others caught in the war zone around them.

“I asked them to leave, but I gave them the freedom to choose. As their leader, I should have insisted that they leave.

Every time we talked to them they were always saying, ‘We want to stay here—this is what God has told us to do. This is what we want to do.’ They just wanted to stay and share the gospel.”

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