Muslims Tell Christians – Don’t Pray or Worship…or We’ll Kill You!

The Muslim terrorists at ISIS have developed a set of 11 new rules for Christians living under their tyranny, including one that says they are not allowed to pray out loud or they might be killed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that Christians in towns captured by ISIS were recently issued these new commandments and will be forced to obey under threat of the penalty of death. These new rules are in addition to the “jizya” (or tax) already imposed on all non-Muslims living under ISIS rule.

The text of covenant stated, “this is what Abdullah Abo Baker al- Baghdadi Amir al- Mueminin gives to the Christians in Damascus State – al- Qaryatin sector, where he guarantees their money, souls, not to force them to change their religion and not to harm anyone of them.

The text of covenant added some conditions on the Christians in the city of al- Qaryatian that are:

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