Muslim US Naval Engineer Allegedly Gave Agent Info On How to Sink Carrier

“During their first meeting in a park in Hampton, Va., Awwad explained to ‘Yousef’ that he intended to use his position to obtain military technology for use by the Egyptian government, including but not limited to, the designs of the USS Gerald Ford nuclear aircraft carrier.” Why he would think that the current Egyptian government would be interested in learning how to sink an American military vessel with a missile is unclear. So is his connection, if any, to jihadists and the global jihad. At very least, however, his story indicates how easy it would be for jihadists to get into positions where they would have access to sensitive information.

“Saudi-born US naval engineer allegedly gave undercover agent info on how to sink carrier,”, December 6, 2014:

A Naval engineer is facing charges that he gave an FBI undercover agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer secret documents about the new Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier while discussing how to sink the vessel with a missile.

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