Muslim Professor Says It’s OK to Capture and Rape Girls to ‘Humiliate’ Them

One of the worst parts of writing about current events and the news is the absolutely ridiculous things that I am forced to write. I never imagined that I’d write words like the ones which appear in the title of this article… but here we are.

Female Muslim Professor says it’s Okay for Muslims to Capture Slavegirls and Rape Them to Humiliate Them

The wonderful folks at MEMRI TV do the hard work of watching Muslim media outlets to see what the “religion of peace” is saying, and they are constantly bringing us new gems from Muslim world. The latest example comes to us from the most important Muslim University in the world, Al-Azhar, in Cairo, Egypt. Professor Suad Saleh is a teacher at Al-Azhar, and she has some interesting things to tell you about Islam and rape.

Like… Rape is okay. If you’re doing it to humiliate your female prisoner of war who is now a captured slave. I kid you not.

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