Muslim Extremists Make Death Threat Against FB’s Zuckerberg

In the wake of the Paris shootings which ended in the deaths of at least four civilians and three radical Muslim terrorists Mark Zuckerberg has come forward and revealed a story of how a Pakistani man wanted him put to death because he wouldn’t stop certain content about the Muslim prophet Mohamed being put on Facebook. Two of the terrorists holed themselves in a newspaper companies headquarters out of protest for a cartoon that they had published depicting the prophet Mohamed. They did not know that a young male employee had hid himself inside a container and was texting his father who was relaying information to police.

Now that the incident is over, the police are searching for a fourth terrorist, identified as female, and the girlfriend of the third terrorist, responsible for killing multiple innocent civilians. Since the incident Facebook Founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come out and revealed the following about a 2010 incident.

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