MTV’s New Series Educates White People On All the Wrong They’ve Done

MTV has a new series, the blandly named “White People,” which is apparently designed to record very uncomfortable and frank discussions with white people about race. It is hosted by Jose Antonia Vargas, an illegal immigrant Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist from the Philippines. Here’s the trailer:

It’s hard to say exactly what this show is intended to accomplish. It purportedly focuses on the challenges of defining the white identity, and what it means to be a young white person in the US. In the trailer for the show/documentary, one of the interviewed white people says, “We’ve never had to internalize what white people have done in America, but here, you can’t escape that.” So the show is apparently designed to get white people to realize how “privileged” they are, and what part they have played in the suffering of others here in America.

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