MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Suggests Christians Have No Place in Politics

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews suggested that Christians, specifically conservative evangelical Christians, have no place in the American political system. Newsbusters’ Mark Finkelstein said Matthews attacked Jeb Bush for a planned appearance at Liberty University. His criticism, however, wasn’t limited to Bush.

“It seems to me watching this thing, somewhat dispassionately, I’ve noticed for example that Jeb Bush is now going to give a commencement speech at Liberty University,” he said. “You know he’s a Roman Catholic convert. His family was Episcopalian. And somehow he finds himself comfortable in that evangelical crowd.”

“His father had to do some of that stooping last time he ran. He had to go out and say things he was born again and all that,” he added. “He had to say things he was never taught religiously in his growing-up years.” Matthews then included all Republicans in his rant.

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