MSNBC Host: Socialism Didn’t Work Here Because We Were Too Racist

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry is convinced that America never embraced her socialistic values because we’re all a bunch or racists. To Harris-Perry, and leftists everywhere, this hateful country was founded and built on pure racism. This racism has held back the full-blown socialism which she desperately desires, the same socialism which has completely wrecked so many countries – Greece as the most recent example.

On Saturday morning, the Bernie Sanders-worshiping host asked her panel a seemingly rhetorical question. The answer she desired was already implanted into one of the stuttering, brainwashed panelists, whom she turned to on cue for the requisite answer. The question at hand was basically, why has America always been dead-set against socialism?

What followed was sheer ridiculousness:

KAI WRIGHT, THE NATION MAGAZINE: Let me see. Could it be race?

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