Mosque Protesters Call Jihadists Bluff – Jihadis Back Down

Yesterday, we reported that bikers were headed to Phoenix to protest the mosque that hatched the Garland Jihadis. Prior to the protest, Islamists took to the internet to say they would drink “Kuffar blood” at the event. Well, the event went off without so much as a beheading.

The protest, referred to as Freedom of Speech Rally Round II, took place at 6pm on Friday. In response to the event, Islamists took to Twitter to post threats against protesters, even posting the event organizer’s, Jon Ritzheimer, home address via Twitter.

Did it stop the event? Did protesters cower in fear? Did they shrink back from cowardly Islamists? Nope. Just the opposite. They showed up in droves and stood their ground and no jihadis raised their devilish heads.

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