Mom Gets Shotgun for Mother’s Day, Uses It Against Intruder

How many of you would ever consider giving your mom or wife a shotgun, rifle or handgun for Mother’s Day, birthday or even Christmas? After reading this, you may want to consider giving her a gift that could save her life.

One Oklahoma mom was given a 12 gauge shotgun for Mother’s Day by her son. In September, she was very thankful for that gift when she heard someone trying to break into her house. Her handicapped daughter was asleep in the house at the time and mom’s protective instincts kicked in and she came to her daughter’s defense like a mother grizzly protecting her cubs.

Grabbing her shotgun, mom ran out the backdoor to confront the intruder and ended up shooting him in the butt. After being shot, the intruder then got tangled up in an electric fence before finally making his escape. Although there was a trail of blood to follow, the police were not able to locate the intruder, but suspected that he would eventually turn up at a local hospital.

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