‘Moderate’ Western Muslim Says ‘Islam is Coming and Your Daughters Will Wear the Hijab’

Free speech activist and prophet of Islam’s evils, Pamela Geller, recently pointed her readers to a terrifying video that some folks in Germany posted to YouTube just last week.

The video shows a Muslim man (his face is obscured) speaking in fluent German (though with an accent), telling a German man (who is recording) some very frightening things.

Now for real. Islam is going to come (up) in Germany whether you want or not. Your daughter is going to wear hijab. Your son will wear a beard. Ok? And your daughter is going to marry a bearded man. So. And we proliferate more and more. You Germans don’t have children. You have at most two kids. We have 7 or 8. (Alḥamdulillāh is an Arabic phrase meaning “Praise be to God”)

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