Mizzou Prof Arrested for Violently Grabbing Girl for Not Wearing Hijab

Youssif Z. Omar is not in Benghazi anymore, although surely the multiculturalists at the University of Missouri who insist that Sharia is benign and beautiful will rush to his defense — won’t they?

“University of Missouri assistant professor charged with ‘violently grabbing 14-year-old relative by the hair and dragging her out of school for not wearing hijab,’” by Kiri Blakeley, Dailymail.com, November 29, 2015 (thanks to Bulldog):

An assistant professor at an American university has been arrested for allegedly grabbing a 14-year-old female relative by the hair and dragging her into a car after he noticed she wasn’t wearing a hijab.

Youssif Z. Omar, 53, was reportedly at Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri, on Tuesday when he spotted that the girl did not have the traditional Muslim headscarf.

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