Missouri University Now Provides Gender-Neutral Housing and Restrooms

Transgenders allegedly need gender-neutral housing and restrooms so a University is providing them.

Missouri University, or Mizzou as it is affectionately known in this state, has decided that certain students need a “safe space” because otherwise they will feel unsafe. As the headline from KDSK.com states, “Mizzou to implement gender-neutral housing, restrooms.”

Why? Transgender oppression, of course.

Frankie Minor, director of MU Residential Life, says the push for gender-neutral environments at MU began in 2013. But it wasn’t until last summer that it was approved, after the University of Missouri System added gender expression and gender identity to its non-discrimination statement.

“What we’re trying to do is create a safe space for a group of students who reported the highest level of unsafety or are feeling less safe on our campus,” Minor says. “And again, we’re not requiring any student to live there.”

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