Michelle Obama Pitches Student Aid: ‘Almost Everyone Is Eligible’

“Almost everyone is eligible for some form of financial aid, and all you have to do to access that aid is fill out this one little form. It’s so simple,” First lady Michelle Obama told students at a suburban Washington high school on Wednesday.

The form is FAFSA — the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

“[T]hrough FAFSA, the Department of Education provides more than $150 billion every year in low-interest loans, in grants that you don’t have to pay back, and work-study programs that can help cover your educational expenses,” Mrs. Obama said.

She equated higher education with freedom: “With a good education, you can get a job that pays a decent salary or more. You can provide for your family, which is key. And you can become whatever you dream of becoming, which is the kind of freedom that I want all of you to have. And filling out the FAFSA form is one of the first and most important steps you can take in that journey, because … college can be expensive.”

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