Michelle ‘O’ Says Americans Will Need to Make ‘Sacrifices’ for Obamacare to Work

People have been referencing this speech that Michelle made back in 2008, but video has finally surfaced giving context to what she was saying.
In the speech, Michelle attempts to address concerns over so many Americans not being able to afford health insurance. However, what she demands was a bit more revealing.

According to the FLOTUS, the American people will need to make sacrifices so that Obama will get what he wants. She was referring to Obamacare and the financial blow it will deal to our country.

In my opinion, this perfectly sums up the Obama family.

President Obama seems to pay no attention to the fact that the majority of this country does not approve of Obamacare, or him for that matter. He continues to travel on his tens of millions of dollar vacations while the rest of us are expected to make sacrifices.

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