Michelle-O Gets $70 Million For Program To Empower Girls, Just NOT American Girls

Unreal! Mooch gets millions for Pakistani girls? The American taxpayers should be outraged by this! Let Pakistan empower its own people! Michelle Obama has been traveling all over the world with the Let Girls Learn initiative as her pet project. The only thing is that most of the places she’s traveled to have a great track record with educating girls. It’s just one big around the world vacation for Mooch compliments of the American taxpayer. Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton had this to say about the trip: “The Obama family continues to bill the taxpayers for costly tourism jaunts thinly disguised as humanitarian crusades” EUROPEAN VACATION: MOOCH RUNS UP A HUGE TAB COMPLIMENTS OF THE TAXPAYERS…Could someone please remind this woman that America is BROKE!

As public schools around the United States suffer through a perpetual financial crisis, the Obama administration commits a breathtaking $70 million to help educate girls in a terrorist nation known as Al Qaeda headquarters.
It’s part of the First Lady’s initiative (Let Girls Learn) to educate and empower an estimated 62 million girls in third-world countries who are not in school. A noble cause indeed, but it’s costing American taxpayers huge sums while kids—especially minorities—in this country struggle in schools that aren’t adequately funded, according to public education advocates. “We know that countries with more girls in secondary school tend to have lower maternal mortality rates, lower infant mortality rates, lower rates of HIV/AIDS, and better child nutrition,” according to the initiative’s website. “But too often, a girl who could change her world for the better is locked out of that future by the circumstances of her birth or the customs of her community.”

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