Michael Moore Calls American Sniper a Coward, While Escorted by Nine Bodyguards

To be fair to Moore, he does have a lot of body to guard.

Michael Moore, a lefty troll most people forgot even existed, made headlines for calling Chris Kyle a coward. Moore however is a profile in courage. After making the anti-American movie Fahrenheit 9/11 for which he was reviled by everyone from author Ray Bradbury on down, he claimed to have nine bodyguards.

In one of his books, he described the men as ex-Navy SEALS.

It’s not clear how many bodyguards he has now, but in 2005, one of his bodyguards was arrested for having an unlicensed gun.In 2011, at an Occupy rally, he was still being accompanied by two bodyguards despite having fallen into obscurity.

Worse still, Moore apparently began making up attacks against him to justify the bodyguards.

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