Megyn Kelly – Obama Has No Credibility, Can’t Be Trusted, Can’t Be Believed

Chris Wallace points out how a number of the Senate races are “remarkably tight,” given the low approval numbers and discontent with the Obama “presidency,” asking Megyn Kelly for her insight into just why that is.

She says this isn’t some “pro-GOP” election in her opinion; it’s an anti-Obama election. She says, “The sentiment against him has grown so strong in the past couple of, well, months, in the past year” and then names off several of the many untruths to come from his White House.

She says that the American people “don’t believe him anymore. He’s sacrificed his credibility for a lot of voters. So I think the reason you’re seeing still these struggles is it’s not we love the GOP it’s we don’t like the guy at the top of the Democrat ticket.”

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