McDonalds, Pizza Hut & KFC Refuse Muslim Demands To Serve Halal Meat – Muslims ENRAGED

“Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce special orders don’t upset us,” unless of course if you happen to be Hong Kong’s chief imam, Mufti Muhammad Arshad who recently contacted McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut who are the three biggest food chains with an offer they’ve just turned down, the offer, Islamic-certified Halal meat.

Arshad reportedly contacted the big three to request that they begin serving halal meat in many of their outlets. Halal means ‘permissible’ in Arabic.

As it pertains to meat, it means that it comes from an animal that is slaughtered according to Islamic law.

Moreover Allah’s name must be pronounced during slaughter, and a very sharp instrument must be used to slit the animal at the throat and the animal must be conscious and hung upside down to bleed dry.

Arshad claims that he sent letters to the three chains, who all confirmed that they did not plan to introduce halal meat in their outlets.

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