Mark Levin: Obama To Go Into Full ‘Mussolini Mode’ After Elections

Mark Levin says that while the Democrats are running away from Obama it seems like the Republicans can’t get close enough to him. He reminds us that every one of the incumbent Democrats who are now pretending that they don’t support Obama have voted just as they have been supporting him over ninety to ninety-five percent.

He lists obamacare, amnesty, deficit spending as examples and says, “All of this is coming home now and it’s a disaster. The country’s going to Hell under this ‘president, under the Democrat Party, everybody knows it.”

Levin says his problem is that the Republicans are running a very quiet campaign. They’re not standing up for any principles, very little substance.” He believes this is “an enormous opportunity to expand the Republican Party, to build it, to create momentum for 2016 and they’re not doing it.”

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