Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama ‘Has a Real Psychological Problem’

Appearing on FOX News’ Hannity on Tuesday, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said what millions of Americans have no doubt been wondering for quite some time.

Commenting on Obama’s latest non-response (unless you can call jubilantly golfing a response) to the second barbaric beheading of an American journalist by the evil Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Peters contends that the reason Obama refused to receive personal briefings on ISIS is because he would rather be left in the dark, rather than have to deal with reality.

“My personal analysis on this is that the reason he didn’t want in-person briefings, is because he just didn’t want briefings at all. “He said ‘I’ll take them electronically, and that doesn’t mean he read them. He probably, at most, skimmed through the parts that didn’t interest him about Islamist terror, etcetera. And so, he was basically, in my view, throwing away the hard-one inputs our intelligence community was trying to send to the White House.”

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