Limbaugh: Why Trump is Clobbering Establishment GOP

For someone who has never held political office, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is pummeling political insiders at their own game, according to radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“What he’s doing is bordering on political brilliance,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast Tuesday. “And he is far more adept at modern-day politics than anybody in either party realizes.”

“In parlaying this outsider status of his,” Limbaugh continued, “he’s better at playing the insiders’ game than they are, and they are insiders. He’s running rings around all of these seasoned, lifelong, highly acclaimed professionals in both the consultant class, the adviser class, the strategist class, and the candidate class. And he’s doing it simply by being himself.”

Regarding the Republican establishment, Limbaugh noted, “They don’t know which way is up anymore. They don’t know what’s up. They don’t know what’s down. They don’t know what’s sideways. They are just totally bamboozled and confused.”

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