Liberal University Won’t Pay Higher Minimum Wage Imposed by Liberals

Remember all those calls by liberals for higher minimum wages for American workers? Well, it appears that the University of California at Berkeley, the beacon of liberalism, has decided to ignore a local ordinance that raised the minimum wage. The school is claiming they are exempt as a state agency.

According to Inside Highered:

In Berkeley, where the city’s minimum wage is $10 per hour for all private employers, the University of California at Berkeley is continuing to pay about a quarter of its student workers less than that, according to a spokeswoman, Janet Gilmore. She said the average student pay is $12 an hour.

Earlier in the week, another UC Berkeley spokeswoman told a local weekly newspaper, the East Bay Express, that the university did not have to pay the higher wages because it had constitutional autonomy.

A City of Berkeley councilman, Jesse Arreguin, said the university – which is his city’s biggest employer – had never planned to pay the city’s minimum wage.
“We were hoping they would follow the letter and the spirit of the law,” he said.

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