Liberal Justice Ginsburg Had to Get DRUNK to go to the SOTU

I can’t blame her, really. I mean, I have to break out a drinking game just to make it through the choreographed circus that the State of the Union (SOTU) has become. President Obama simply uses his time in front of the camera to attack and demean the Republican Party while pretending everything he’s done has been 100% perfect… it get’s old, fast.

I, at least, have the comfort of my couch from which to sit and yell at my TV. (And a nice adult beverage resting approvingly in my hand).

Justice Ginsburg has to actually be at the event and can’t talk or even get up and walk out. So I can’t disparage her when she admits to rolling into the State of the Union so inebriated that it sends her into an alcohol induced coma midway through the evening’s events.

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