Liberal College Faculty Agree to Shred the Constitution … Literally!

I guess it was only a matter of time until Project Veritas, of the ACORN videos fame, went back to colleges. Now they’ve gotten administrators at Vassar and Oberlin to agree to feed the U.S. Constitution through a paper shredder because it’s “triggering.” The Veritas reporter even managed to get one of the administrators doing the act on film.

“When this idea came up in our newsroom about campus administrators shredding the Constitution because it’s a trigger against students, we didn’t think people would actually fall for it,” James O’Keefe says at one point in the video. “We underestimated just how stupid and politically correct these people are.”

Administrators at Vassar College and Oberlin College agreed to personally shred a pocket Constitution after an undercover reporter posing as a student complained that she felt “triggered” by its distribution on campus.

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